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PLAZMA APACDigital Transformation during the Pandemic with DATA

Monday, October 19, 2020

Virtual Conference
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What is PLAZMA?

PLAZMA is a Digital Transformation Community. This marks the 13th PLAZMA event, and with the current global Pandemic PLAZMA has transformed into a virtual event where participants from across the Asia Pacific region can share their knowledge and experience in pioneering digital transformation across all our organizations.

The theme of PLAZMA13 is “Digital Transformation During Pandemic with Data”. With the disruption brought on this year due to COVID-19, Data and Technology has been brought to the forefront, and is driving new business innovation. Digital technology is keeping us connected even when we cannot physically meet. Amid the challenges, companies and organizations are using this as an opportunity to reinvent themselves. Policies are becoming more flexible, and Digital is being integrated into more aspects of business. How can we accelerate the Digital Transformation of business, society, and ourselves? This is the question PLAZMA seeks to explore.

We will open with a discussion with Yoshiaki Ito, CEO of X-TANK Consulting who has been a popular PLAZMA speaker since 2018 where he will discuss how Business Leaders can adopt a VUCA mindset and drive innovation during the Pandemic. We also have an insightful lineup of real world Digital Transformation case studies from Yamaha Motors APAC, GetPlus Indonesia, and Tri Petch Isuzu Sales Thailand.

For the first time PLAZMA13 will be held in three languages, Japanese, English and Korean. While the EXISTING models are transitioning to the "New Normal", we at PLAZMA are transforming into a new community. Please join us.


We will show a number of DX case studies in Japan and Korea.


Session Schedule

  • 1:00pm(SGT)Keynote

    Survival Guide To The VUCA World

    Yoshiaki Ito
    President & CEO
    X-TANK Consulting Inc.
    Mr. Ito founded X-TANK to fulfill his vision of ‘Grow Asia, Grow ASEAN’.Though Japanese by nationality, Ito was born and raised in Bangkok and earned his higher education in the U.S., his border-blurring background and diverse resume may explain why his business approaches are often a blend of the foreign and familiar.
    Born & Raised in Bangkok, Thailand. Tri-lingual & Tri-cultural.
    MBA, Thunderbird Graduate School of Global Management
    Ito has Successful track records as a business growth driver & turn-around agent from various fortune 500 companies, such as The Coca- Cola Company, adidas, and General Motors.

    Ito’s core competencies are in Sales & Marketing, Product Development, Operation
    Management, Global Business Development, with extensive experience in managing businesses in Asian countries.

    At Dell Inc., he reversed the consecutive negative figures of its Japanese public sector, elevating its status from a global underperformer to a global shining star, eventually leading Dell Japan to the No. 2 position in Japan's PC market.

    A business maverick, Ito has turned around (or immensely boosted) the performance of every organization he has led. He does so by choosing to face adversities others usually avoid, and by standing against conventional notion and the status quo. Previously, as Managing Director, Japan and North Asia at Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Inc., and SVP / Executive Officer of Sony Pictures Entertainment (Japan) Inc., he led his team to staggering world record success by selling 2.3 million copies (solely in Japan) of Michael Jackson’s "THIS IS IT” title, despite the industrial experts' forecast of no more than 300,000.

    Prior to X-TANK , Ito was CEO of Haier Asia Group where he was responsible for US$1.2 billions in P&L and 6,400 employees with a mission of turning around the former home appliance giant Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. Under his leadership, Haier Asia Group recorded a fiscal-year profit for the first time in 15 years.

    -2015’s Top 100 global leaders/innovators, by Nikkei Business
    -Direct to Top Award, Dell Asia Pacific Best Leader Award
    -Money Ball Award, Sony Pictures Entertainment Global Best Leader Award
    -Others include No.1 Market-share, Top Seller, Highest Productivity, Highest Profitability,
    Top Sales & Marketing Awards from various companies

    Sean Valencia
    Marketing Strategist
    Treasure Data, Inc.
    Sean leads APAC marketing for Arm Treasure Data. He holds an MBA from Hitotsubashi University and previously worked in marketing for an online bank in the United States

    In 2020 every business is experiencing an incredible amount of change, and VUCA is now more relevant than ever. VUCA describes volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. In this session, Mr. Yoshiaki Ito, CEO of X-Tank Consulting and Sean Valencia, Marketing Strategist at Arm Treasure Data will discuss tactics that business leaders can apply during the current, and future VUCA eras in the Asia Pacific Region. *Note: This session is a rebroadcast of a very popular session at PLAZMA12 in July 2020.

  • 1:45pm(SGT)CaseStudy

    Trends in Data and Digital Marketing in Indonesia

    Rahul Nambiar
    iProspect Indonesia
    Rahul is the CEO of iProspect, part of dentsu international group in Indonesia. He joined the leadership team at dentsu group in 2018, post-acquisition of Valuklik, the company that he co-founded to become one of the leading performance marketing agencies in Indonesia. He and his 100+ Team work with clients on Performance Media, Data and Technology initiatives that help clients drive digital transformation; sectors they work on – telecom, government, media, e-commerce, finance, auto, consumer goods. With over 15 years of experience in the business, He also has an engineering degree in computer science and a master’s degree from IE Business School.

    In this session Rahul Nambiar, CEO of iProspect Indonesia, will share exciting new Data and Digital Marketing trends in Indonesia, the largest and fastest growing Internet Economy in South East Asia.

  • 2:05pm(SGT)CaseStudy

    Turning unknown shoppers to knowns for shopping malls

    Adrian Hoon
    COO / CMO
    Adrian is seasoned business development professional with deep knowledge in the advertising, marketing, CRM, loyalty and marketing technology in Asia Pacific. Before he co-found Global Poin Indonesia, he held numerous senior leadership roles in leading international media and marketing technology companies, leading his team from setting strategic business development direction to delivering a full suite of customer engagement, marketing automation / loyalty solutions across multiple industries such as Travel, Retail, E-commerce, Financial Services, Telecom & Media on a regional scale.

    How a leading shopping mall in Jakarta is leveraging GetPlus, an Indonesia coalition loyalty program to turn unknown shoppers into knowns, gain consumer insights, and deliver unique customer experiences to their high value customers.

  • 2:25pm(SGT)CaseStudy

    Digital Transformation Journey of Yamaha Motor

    Keiichi Onishi
    Group Leader
    Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd
    Mr. Onishi is currently working for Yamaha Motors Co., Ltd, serving as a manager of Digital Strategy Department to accelerate company-wide digital transformation focusing on digital marketing and data analytics. Prior to that, he worked on Yamaha’s startup investment activities focusing on various strategic areas including AI, Robotics, and Connectivity. He also developed new IoT business as a spin-off company. Earlier in his career, he worked as a manufacturing engineer in its motorcycle business at overseas plants mainly in Southeast Asia. He has earned MS in engineering from Nagoya University, and MBA from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

    Yamaha Motor established Digital Strategy Department in 2018 to promote digital transformation. Since the introduction of TD CDP in the same year, we have been collecting, integrating and utilizing customer data generated at digital and physical touch-points in order to provide more value to customers. This section introduces our history from the beginning of the department to the present, challenges we faced, cases that we have, and future of our marketing activities based on better understanding of customers.

  • 3:05pm(SGT)Keynote

    DX in APAC: Discover MarTech and Big Data

    Yoshitaka Shinohara
    Vpon Big Data Group
    Serial Entrepreneur, after working at LVMH Louis Vuitton Japan. Set up Vpon JAPAN in 2014, has been working on the Vpon Traveler Database, which is well-known among many Japanese cross-border traveler solutions. Brands and even government units establish long-term and stable cooperative relationships, such as the Japan National Tourism Administration(JNTO) and the Osaka Tourism and Tourism Bureau(Osaka TB). Holds a Bachelor of Economics Management, University of Gakushuin.

    Jin Hsueh
    Co-Founder & CEO
    Crescendo Lab
    Jin Hsueh has a Master Degree in Engineering Management from Duke University. Considering that LINE is the most popular communication app in Thailand, Taiwan and Japan, he founded a SaaS data analytics platform for LINE business accounts in 2017, now is the CEO of Crescendo Lab.

    Anyu Lee
    Digital Marketing Lead - JAPAC
    Treasure Data, Inc.
    Andy started his career in digital marketing. He loves technology and believes that Martech will completely change the marketing industry. After different stages of software startup, he's settled in Tokyo in 2017 and is the first team member of Treasure Data from Taiwan.

    The top two companies in MarTech and Data from Taiwan and two experts from APAC, Vpon’s Yoshitaka and Crescendo Lab’s Jin, will bring their insightful and inspired perspectives on digital transformation trend in APAC and introduce the advanced marketing and data solutions to us. Don’t miss this session if you are looking for the real successful showcases!

  • 4:05pm(SGT)Keynote

    Driving Digital Transformation with Data

    Angus Kong
    AVP of Data Science,
    Tokopedia, ex-Googler, ex-Appier
    Angus Kong is the AVP of Data Science at Tokopedia where he oversees the company’s strategy on AI and manages the Data Science team across multiple locations. Before joining Tokopedia, Angus was the Director of AI at Appier in Singapore. Prior to Singapore, Angus was a tech lead in Google AI in the USA. He worked on the natural language understanding technology which powered GMail SmartReply and Google Assistant. Angus received his doctorate in Computer Science and Information Engineering from National Taiwan University. His doctoral research explores semantic analysis on spoken languages.

    Anyu Lee
    Digital Marketing Lead - JAPAC
    Treasure Data, Inc.
    Andy started his career in digital marketing. He loves technology and believes that Martech will completely change the marketing industry. After different stages of software startup, he's settled in Tokyo in 2017 and is the first team member of Treasure Data from Taiwan.

    How should exactly build up a data-driven team to achieve successful digital transformation? This question annoys many companies, whatever SMEs or enterprises with plenty of resources. In this section, Angus, an AI veteran with experience in the USA and Asia, will share his insight on the way to empower the role of data and leverage it appropriately and smartly. He will also give  constructive advice to us for better knowing how to solve the digital transformation challenges.

  • 4:40pm(SGT)CaseStudy

    Data-Driven Marketing Strategy in Mobility Business of Thailand

    Taketo Yoshida
    Senior Software Engineer
    Tri Petch Isuzu Sales Co., Ltd.
    Taketo Yoshida joined Tri Petch Isuzu Sales Co., Ltd. in 2018. He was formerly an iOS engineer at a major Japanese finaicial media company. He is establishing a marketing data platform based on Treasure eCDP, developing a LINE Account Connect application, and contributed to launch of a digital team of the company from scratch.

    We has been working on Data-Driven marketing since we introduced Treasure Data eCDP in 2018. The customer journey of car purchase is becoming digital in recent years. It's important to utilize not only online data but also offline data under this circumstances. In this talk, we are going to explain how to introduce Treasure data CDP and how we utilize it along with digital services and 3rd party data. *Note: This session is a rebroadcast of a very popular session at PLAZMA12 in July 2020.

  • 5:10pm(SGT)Lightning Talk

    The Role of Growth Marketing in Digital Transformation

    Aditya Kresna
    Country Manager of Indonesia
    Repro Inc.
    Aditya is the youngest country manager that currently works in Repro Inc., analytics and engagement tools. He loves digital marketing from the creative to the technology part, He joined Repro and built the Indonesia market from scratch and led the team to expand Repro business in Indonesia. Having experience in several fields of digital marketing (social media, advertising, marketing technology, growth marketing), He created Repro digital marketing 360 solutions that help the digital and non digital businesses to build and grow their business digitally and achieve their KPI.

    This year might be one of the toughest years in the decade for businesses and the economy. Suddenly the world got hit by this pandemic situation. Many businesses changed their business model and started to go digital in order to survive. Digital Transformation is the key. Many aspects of digital are required to do this, starting with the ecosystem, the people, process, the strategy, and many more. One of the aspects that’s important is marketing, digital marketing. Tons of effort will be spent in order to attract current and potential customers, the goal? Growth. How important is the growth marketing in digital transformation? Aditya will share how growth marketing can help businesses effectively.

  • 5:35pm(SGT)Lightning Talk

    How Savvy Marketers Harness the Power of Video

    Greg Armshaw
    Senior Director, Presales
    Brightcove Inc.
    Greg consults with enterprises helping them build their businesses with video. He has more than 20 years of experience in advertising, digital marketing, and has rich experience in building consumer offerings in the technology, media & telecom sector in Asia.

    Not only is video the most engaging form of content today, marketers have used video as a valuable tool to provide deep insights into the behaviour of audiences. Greg Armshaw shares how you can harness the power of video across the customer journey in this presentation. *Note: This session is a rebroadcast of a very popular session at PLAZMA12 in July 2020.

  • 5:45pm(SGT)Lightning Talk

    Treasure Data CDP Product Update ~Fall Launch 2020~

    Rob Parrish
    Vice President of Product Management
    Treasure Data, Inc.
    Rob Parrish is Vice President of Product Management at Treasure Data. Prior to Treasure Data, Rob worked most recently as a Data Scientist & Product Manager at various Silicon Valley data-intelligence focused startups.
    Nick Kobayashi
    Senior Product Manager
    Treasure Data, Inc.
    Nick Kobayashi is a Senior Product Manager at Treasure Data leading Identity Services which includes Identity Resolution and Profile Management. Previous to Treasure Data, he held product roles at Oracle Data Cloud, comScore and Proximic (acquired by comScore).

    We will explain an overview of three new product features that are part of the fall 2020 Treasure Data product update and also show a demonstration.

  • 6:00pm(SGT)


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